About Us

We are a family owned & operated IT business & have been supporting both business & home users since 2001. Our aim is to provide you with TOP quality service as well as TOP quality components at an affordable price.

We look at what is best for our customers and take the time to discuss your needs.

Our aim is to make technology work for you, for example:

  • Backing up your system is something that is quite often overlooked because of it's complexity.
  • We make it simple by automating that process for you, it takes care of it's self enabling you to take care of your business.
  • We promise to make your IT as User Friendly as possibly so you have peace of mind.

At User Friendly PCs we:
Carry out our own research & development projects. 

User Friendly PCs, is the perfect solution for "Trouble Free IT..."

The links to the right have been added to make your internet experience just that little bit more 'User Friendly'.....

Feel free to email us at admin@userfriendlypcs.com.au with any suggestions for additional links.